The Importance of the Handmade Men's Shoes

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As for every shoes, the handmade man’s shoes immediately set them apart from the others they’re not. It just takes a quick look to understand if a shoe is handmade or not. You can also understand its worth at once by looking at the shape of the upper, the sole and the beauty of the leather or material by which is made of. For this reason, underestimating the importance of the men’s shoes it’s a big mistake. Both for aesthetic and saving reasons, and durability too.

It must be said that a pair of beautiful artisan shoes is not cheap. And it couldn’t be cheap. Making a pair of shoes requires days of work. The artisan process of the making of shoes needs dedication, mastery and time indeed, to give the client a product of  high quality both aesthetic and anatomical, as well as long-lasting.


Why to buy artisan men’s shoes 


  •  Saving

Buying an industrial made shoes, the only saving you get it’s when you purchase it. Soon, the cheap shoes will reveal the reason of their low price. They will not keep their shape unchanged in time, and the sole, usually made with prefab glued lower, not being it stitched will tend to collapse, especially raising up on the front, producing the embarrassing banana effect, a sort of Ali Baba’ slipper style, as we can see in many outfit almost everywhere, to ruin those “wannabe elegant” suits. The durability of a low cost shoe is very short and studded with unpleasant setbacks as loss of color, discomfort and a consequent unesthetic look. And it will be necessary to buy a new pair, this time maybe a quality one, if you learn the lesson, ending up spending more money. In this case, it’s true the old saying: “Saving is never earning”. On the contrary, on balance you can consider a good pair of shoes an excellent investment for your appearance.   


  • Style

There’s nothing you can do. An elegant shape, of the upper and of the entire line of a man’s shoe is the fruit of years of artisan experience, often handed down from one generation to another. As always, study and experience make the difference, those who are noticed at every step, not only by who wear the shoe but also by who gaze at. The shoes of a man goes in fact to complete the suit in a perfect way, to represent one stylish line from top to toe, instead of breaking it with details that clash for a lack of taste and beauty.


  • Quality

Quality is expensive and clear. The luxury leather, the finish, the stitching, the embroidery, the design, the hand-sewn sole and the time employed by the artisan to produce a valuable shoe is what you pay to be sure not only to have an elegant line that will go along with you for many seasons, but also a correct foot support and excellent comfort during the working hours. A valuable pair of shoes helps the posture and the perspiration of the skin, not to mention that the leather used is tanned with materials suitable for the human health, unlike those of doubtful origin and too cheap.


  • Durability

Shoes made by skilled hand by a professional, are made to last, in beauty and time. They will go along with us even for the entire life, depending on the use we make of them. And it’s not just about durability, but also of design. A classic model, like an artisan Oxford or Derby shoe, will never go out of fashion because it represent a timeless style and elegance.