Tailor-made men’s suits and hipster style

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It’s the passion of the lawyer Harvey Specter, the main character of the successful american TV series “Suits”, but it’s always more probably to see it worn with ease and on a daily basis by very young men: it’s the tailor-made men’s suit. It’s an international growing trend, that now more than ever has influenced the youngster’s look.


Supported by the hipster movement, which shows no sign of decreasing - rather, it has turned into a more sophisticated mood which aspires to a polished and personal style, with a serious attention to details - the juvenile’s lust for elegance is revealing through multiple gentlemen’s looks that don’t express themselves as univocal trend, as it was for the italian trend of the 80’s known as “Paninari”, where homogenization was the way to social acceptance.


The hipster style is instead an ongoing revisit between classic apparel and current trends, along with endless eclectic matches made of tailor-made cuts and showy color mixes regarding pocket-squares, ties, socks and vests.
Whence the tailor-made suit, even in serious colors like grey and dark-blue, can be matched with daring up to date colors while keeping its undisputed elegance intact, the elegance able to enhance the male presence.   


This is one of the reasons why always more young men are fascinated by a tailor-made suit and choose to wear it not only on special occasions or ceremonies but also for business, to reward themselves with a respected and adult look… and of course a full beard helps too, this is the top trend of the moment!