Men’s Fashion: Tips for Renew the Fall Wardrobe

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It’s possibile to renew the male’s fall wardrobe in a smart way and without spending a fortune: just keep an eye on the season trends and match them with the classic garments you already have in your closet.


The Prince of Wales is back

Since this summer it reappeared on swimsuits and outerwear, and for this fall/autumn 2016-17 this British pattern par excellence is back to the top in every male wardrobe. 

This weave in small squares and pied-de-poule gives a classic elegance also to the most contemporary look, since Edward VIII showed it off in occasion of important international events.

On blazers, vests and pants is synonymous with timeless elegance that has conquered also the younger gentlemen. Absolutely to dust off, if you already own a Prince of Wales jacket, to match it with other classic garments or more trendy ones for a casual chic look, or definitely to buy not only for its comeback this year but for its timeless allure.


How to match the fall colors


Fall/winter season is made for muted colors that tend to darker shades: so yes to brown, camel, red, burgundy, mauve, sage green, ochre and blue, especially if well matched among them as accessories to brighten up gray or blue men’s suits

This year particularly, the must-have colors are orange, brick red, sage and blue, both for accessories and the men’s apparel in general, that finds again the attitude of its best classic elegance.

Also in the cold season you can wear bright colors, provided that is in just one accessory like a tie, a scarf or a pocket-square, choosing a muted color for the rest of your outfit. Besides colors you can well match together different types of fabrics ad patterns, combining the garments you have in your wardrobe.


The fall tie

As for blazers and coats, the fall collection’ s ties are made in muted colors and in wool, cachemire or knitted silk. They are not the classic silk tie.  This year the colors are burgundy, orange and blue, perfect on a pastel blue or patterned dress shirt.