The Top 5 Best Sellers of Summer Sale

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Which are the most purchased men’s fashion garments during summer sales?


1. The Tailored Blazer


It’s the basic garment to look always impeccable also on warm summer weather, both at the office and at meetings that need elegance as cocktails or formal dinners in summer nights. And the blazer in light wool is perfect because it is breathable and able to adjust body temperature in a natural way. For these reasons the tailored blazer is much loved by so many, wearable also in mid-season, from spring to autumn.


2. The two-ply cotton dress shirt


It’s the “basis” in men’s wear, the guarantee to hold the look from morning to evening. A two-ply cotton man’s dress shirt is synonymous with good quality and it’s the choice of the man who wants a perfect hold in every occasion. Also during summer, with rolled sleeves and with no tie, this dress shirt means elegance and sobriety. 


3. Summer sweater and cardigan


With the uncertain weather of the summer, the ever greater temperature range and the air conditioning almost everywhere, having a light cotton or silk sweater close at hand is essential. 

A sweater or a cardigan complete with class every look and it’s better not to forget it at home during the coolest summer nights.



4. The men’s summer suit


It’s a calling card difficult to quit also in the summer. The men’s summer suits are made in a very light wool fabric, linen or silk mix and represent the essential apparel of every male look also in summer, for a business attire or in occasion of formal meetings.


5. Bermuda shorts


Bermuda shorts, made in fresh cotton, are the must-have of men’s free time in the summer, both on vacation and in the city, to wear with a dress shirt, loafers or a pair of sneakers for a smart-casual look or with sandals and a t-shirt for a relaxed look.