Men's Winter Accessories

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Unlike the accessories for the summer, in winter the man’s fashion accessory does not only represents an extra refinement for the male outfit, but it must also protect from the cold delicate areas like the hands, the throat and the head. The classic winter accessories are in fact exactly the gloves, the scarf and the wool beanie, or the classic man’s hat, like the fedora. Depending on materials by which these accessories are made of, it will depend also the level of elegance and warmth too. In fact, you don’t need winter garment excessively thick in general, also because the risk would be to feel and look bundle up. 


Male Winter Accessories Must Be Chosen Carefully


In fact, is the fabric, the knit or the goose down to decide the level of warmth of an item of clothing. If these are quality materials, like cashmere, pure new wool or a lining made of 100% goose down, then the garments will be lightweight, elegant and very warm. An accessory is also a fundamental part of your look, because it’s able to suit you with color, giving a touch of personal style also to the more serious outfit. It’s a detail that tells a lot about the man who wear it, and in winter, as in every other season, it must be chosen carefully in order not to exaggerate and to stay classy. To protect your hands from the sharp winter cold, a pair of leather gloves is the best refined choice, provided that you opt for a model lined in wool or cashmere. In fact, the unlined gloves, or lined in silk, are better in Autumn but they are not suitable for the severe cold. Not necessarily you need to match them with the same color of your scarf, and if you like to wear it, with the beanie or with the fedora hat. You should keep in mind the same rule that goes with the pair tie-pocket-square: it’s always preferable to play with similar but not identical shades, maybe by patterns that recall part of the color or one of the colors of the other accessory. Leather gloves and shoes should be matching instead, especially during evening go out and in formal outfits.


Depending on the suit, a blue or black pair of leather gloves should always matches with classic leather shoes in the same color. Yes to brown and warmer colors during the day and, depending on more or less intense cold, you can choose a warm wool beanie, more embracing compared to the fedora: this one must absolutely preferred in case of formal occasione, especially in the evening.