Men’s Holiday Attire - Winter Season Fashion Essentials

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Even if today there is a fine line between the casual attire and the polished one, thanks to a bigger attention to refined details so much as business outfit of the younger generation - such as the bow-tie also during the day in a pair with the pocket-square, or a denim matched with a precious cashmere blazer - during the Holidays there are traditions to respect depending on invitations to more or less formal dinners, not to talk about the New Year’s Eve in exclusive locations, where the etiquette must be observed all the way.
Of course you have to bear in mind this season’s trends about fabrics and colors, that this winter are marked by a classic palette with a retro taste, by shades of gray, blue, moss green and burgundy which, in solid colors, windowed or checked patterns, draw luxury pure new wools and light warm cashmeres. So it’s correct to follow the fashion trends, being understood that your outfit must be of the same spirit of the lunch, big dinner or Christmas party you’re invited to, not to risk to go too far with a too casual attire or, on the contrary, with a dappered one: in both cases you will embarrass yourself and the other guests an feel uncomfortable. This can look as a superficial consideration, but feeling at your ease, especially in public, also depends by the attire you choose to present yourself to other people, that should be comfortable, and suitable both the man who wears it and the social occasion. 


Men’s Style Advice - What to Wear for Christmas 2016 and New Year’s Eve


In these days before the Christmas break there is the custom of exchanging greetings during company dinners with coworkers and employees. Unless you’re not invited to restaurants that require a formal dress, usually these dinners happen in spaces where the attire can also be the same you wear at the office or in your job. So a classic man’s suit should be perfect for this occasion, same as a mismatched suit worn on a jeans with a brogue shoe, avoiding the brown maybe, which is a color to use only during the day. In this winter season the classic derby shoes have the shades of burgundy, moss green and blue, passe-partout colors even for the night, and to match with other details such as scarves, ties and pocket-squares. Christmas lunch and big dinner, if at home, today are usually no dress code, even if tradition wants a more elegant look in this special occasion. For the traditional lunch at home, even a gray men’s suit with a cashmere pullover is recommended for a stylish look, while a dark suit is better for the big dinner. 
For Christmas’ parties in town, being understood the dress code of the club where you’re invited, is always preferable to opt for an elegant style with a dark suit to wear together with a dress shirt, a tie and a pocket-square. 


Finally, if the New Year’s Eve happens in formal location like a starred restaurant or inside castles and villas, the tuxedo is the only dress code of the night, that you should wear just following these few important rules. But you should avoid to wear the black tie in case of less prestigious restaurants and locations and choose instead a black elegant men’s suit with a pair of perfectly polished black brogue shoes.