Men’s Dress Shirt: Why Two-Ply Cotton is the Best

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Knowing how to recognize the quality of a man dress shirt is the best way to have long lasting and an impeccable endurance when you are wearing it: an endurance one can recognize in a glance. The fabric by which a man dress shirt is made of is fundamental and if we talk about cotton, with no doubt the best one is two-ply cotton.


It’s a fine, resistant and soft fabric at the same time, obtained by a specific manufacturing that allows to twist the cotton threads by twos: the result is a robust fabric, very hard to crease and very opaque in order not to let see through your dress shirt if you’re wearing a t-shirt or an undershirt. Besides, the color of a dress shirt made in two-ply cotton is more brilliant than the one in single cotton thread. These features allow you to wear your shirt from morning to night being always flawless, and isn’t this all that you ask from the perfect dress shirt?