The Gentleman's Guide to Shoe Care

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“Momma always says there's an awful lot you could tell about a person by their shoes. Where they're going. Where they've been.” - Forrest Gump


Our shoes indeed talk about us, what we like and the choices we make to communicate our personality and our level of elegance. Like jewels, watches, and accessories like hats, scarves and ties, the man's shoe is a habit that first of all gratifies ourselves, and it’s a statement of uniqueness that should include the qualities of style, elegance and comfort. 


In this case, beyond the model of men’s shoes you choose to buy, the common denominator is the high price range: the quality of leather, beauty and comfort of the shape are factors that inevitably affect the costs of manufacturing.
So, we can consider a good pair of men’s shoes as an investment: it’s up to you whether it will be long-lasting or not. 


Good workmanship shoes indeed age well, not only for the high quality of materials which is made of, but also because its perfectly shaped design will always be fashionable and can really last a lifetime. But in order to preserve your shoes, you should dedicate time not only to cleaning, but also to a regular care and some special attentions. It’s quality time anyway, and also relaxing: after all, a gentleman always cleans his shoes by himself. 



  • New shoes need a trial stage!


When you’ve just bought a new pair of shoes, the best thing you can do is to put them on little-by-little, avoiding to wear them right away from morning to night, so as to get your feet used to the shoes with no discomfort.



  • Use always the shoetree


It’s indispensable to use this wooden accessory every time you put back your shoes in the shoe rack, to keep the original shape unaltered in time.



  • Yes to shoehorn!


You must always use it, also with lace shoes, to avoid the rubbing that could damage the leather support on the back of the shoes. 



  • Let your shoes have some rest!


You should never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, to let the shoes dry off from perspiration caused by use.



  • Men’s shoes cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you walked in your shoes during a nice sunny day, you must clean them every time you wear them to remove dirt and dust on the shoe upper and on the seam line, using a brush with soft bristles. Leather shoes must be polished using the proper polish cream, to daub using a soft rag. When they’re completely dry you can put them back in the shoe rack, in the original box or in the shoe dust bag.


Polish also contains moisturizing and protective ingredients as shea butter and beeswax, perfect to keep the elasticity of the leather and to cover possible scratches or color differences that could turn up in time on the shoe upper. There are many different types of polish cream, from all-purpose neutral to colored to better preserve the color of the leather. 



  • Waterproof spray

If the leather of your shoe is suede or made with particularly delicate hides, you should use the waterproof spray before going out in rainy days, in order to avoid unpleasant stains on the shoes. You better repeat this treatment several times during winter season.