Men’s Elegance: Good Reasons to Choose a Bespoke Suit

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In the past a bespoke suit was considered high-end. Today, it’s a new cult of our time. A man’s best business card is a style that represents his personality. And a bespoke suit is the best way to look impeccable in every occasion of your life. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s also true that your outfit tells a lot about who you are and it’s essential for your business. 

A bespoke suit expresses your personality and talks about your style, helping you to succeed in your job. The most beloved suits in business are the double-breasted a the two-button, in blue or dark gray, even if in Italy and Europe men use to wear also the brown color. Despite of the Anglo-Saxon saying “no brown in town”! Black is another story, because it is considered too strict and rigid for business.

As always, details and accessories complete the suit and make it unique: ties, pocket squares, watches, pins tell so much about who we are and what we want. For these reasons is important to have at least one bespoke suit in your wardrobe. Because of comfort and fit, a tailored bespoke suit is invaluable. Business days are long and hard and being at ease it’s important as much as the choice of the model or of the fabric of your suit. 

A skilled tailor is the best friend of your business, always able to create an impeccable suit even for the most difficult physiques. He, or she, knows how to get the right balance that will make your suit unique and exclusive. Every man has its own proportions and physical characteristics that must be outlined before the work starts.


A bespoke suit doesn’t have to be necessarily too expensive


Here’s a myth to dispel: it’s not true that a bespoke suit made by an honest tailor have to be necessarily more expensive than a tailored suit bought in a beautiful store. And don’t forget that a tailor, while taking your measures, also notes your physical characteristics and posture, and write down all those possible stress points, in addition to understand the purpose of the suit he’s making for you. This is a smart way to save time and money, because you get exactly what you’re looking for, instead of going out for shopping trying in vain to find something ready that fits you perfectly.


You choose the fabric and color you like


Potentially, the choice of the fabric could be very ample, among the best English and Italian fabrics, patterns, colors and single characteristics of the thread. If you are not sure about the fabric, listen to the precious advices of your tailor: he will always try to suggest you what’s best for your build, complexion and occasion you need to wear your suit. It’s not possible to get a quality suit without a good fabric. Only the best Italian and English suppliers have this quality, essential to get wonderful results. But it’s not necessary to choose the best, and expensive, fabric. Many times, as in other facts in life, the better solution is in the middle, in other words is all about quality/price ratio.


Try on your suit until you get the perfect fit


A tailor’s job doesn’t finish until you get the perfect fit. This means that you have to try on your suit a couple of times before you are satisfied with it and it is finished. In fact, when you trust your tailor, you need to trust his experience and his advices, because he knows the job and it is his first interest to have a satisfied client with a perfect fit. A tailor that works for you means:


  • A personal qualified expert advice
  • A customized toile 
  • A wide selection of fabrics to choose
  • A filing with your personal measures for your next bespoke garments
  • Precise handmade stitching
  • Infinite custom-tailoring possibilities
  • The joy to wear something created exclusively for you