AMF Stitching on Men's Tailored Blazer

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AMF stitching is a small ornamental stitch sewn around the the edges of the blazer, lapels, sleeves and pockets, which immediately gives importance, distinction and value to the garment. It is made with a machine that perfectly imitates the hand stitching, whose straight and reverse stitches look exactly the same.

The Acronym AMF refers to the sewing machine that makes the stitch, and takes its name from the company that manufactures it, the American Machine and Foundry. The machine works at an extremely slow pace and therefore achieving an AMF stitching on a blazer requires a lot of time, plus a higher cost than standard stitching.

For this reason, AMF stitching is a distinctive sign of the high quality of tailored or made-to-measure suits and blazers.

This type of stitch keeps the canvas interlining perfectly in place with respect to the outer fabric by which the blazer is built, and keeps the edges flat, avoiding the formation of unaesthetic rolling.

The stitching can be 2 or 6 millimeters away from the edges of the blazer, with a thread of the identical color as the blazer fabric - for a formal look - or in an apposing color for a more casual look.