Business Attire: Timeless Must-Haves For All Seasons

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How should a man be dressed at the office?

The workplace is usually known as a formal place, where a man can only wear a suit. In fact, a man in a suit is always good to see.  When a client is facing a well-dressed man, well, it's a fact, he trusts him more.

If a classic business attire guarantees more trust towards clients and colleagues, the right mix between smart and casual proves that you know your stuff, so to dare a little more is synonym with confidence, and be sure that your client will appreciate it.

Men’s business essentials clothes are always the classic ones, the must-haves every man should keep in his wardrobe. But, as usual, accessories make the difference. The must-have accessory par excellence of a businessman is the tie. To choose the right tie is important to improve your look, to be more confident and, let’s say it clear, to be cool!

The blazer. The base of the business attire. Choosing a slim fit jacket is the right choice of style. Let’s throw away those horrible old shapeless jacket you still keep with no reason in your wardrobe! They are very ugly and it’s time to buy a new one with a slim fit cut. Same goes with the dress shirt: choose a slim fit two-ply cotton shirt and you’ll look impeccable all day long.

Never forget a good leather briefcase with a clean line and dare some solid colors!

Scarf? Yes. But choose a light weight scarf: a cashmere in Winter or a linen one for Summer, in light colors or simple patterns it’s the best.

Jeans, well, if it’s Casual Friday it’s ok. But remember you are wearing them as a substitute of regular pants, so say no to rips or heavy fading. A pair of jeans at the office should also be slim, never skinny. And in any case, no shorts, please!