The blue blazer is always fashionable!

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As long as it's modern, that is, revised in volumes, updated and made with innovative fabrics! Do not think that today for a blazer is meant exclusively the blue double-breasted or the gabardine jacket with golden buttons similar to that of 30 years ago.


Today’s blazer looks much more like a simple blue multi functional jacket, which, depending on the fabric, is perfect both in summer and winter, depending on your outfit it can be sporty or stylish and have a classic look or a very casual one. In fact, the blazer has evolved aesthetically and in its concept of style but has not lost its passepartout characteristic.


That's why every man should have a blue blazer in his wardrobe, no matter if you are 20 or 80 years old, or if you are a classic or sporty type!

For this reason, in every season designers do not give up proposing revised blazer models in the line, shoulders, neck, seams, and fabrics to meet the broader demands of the men's market, with the only unavoidable constant: rigorously dark blue color!


In general, however, apart from the stylistic variants of each brand, today's blazer has a fairly dry volume with small neck, lapel and non-padded shoulders.

However, if you are a vintage lover, it is still fashionable the blazer with the coat of arms in the pocket and golden buttons.


How do you match a blue blazer? In the winter season, when it is made of a warm fabric, you can combine it with light gray, or dark, flannel pants, Prince of Wales, pinstripes, or made of heavy cotton like fustian, but never with velvet pants, because it does not fit.


In the spring or summer instead, with any cotton pants preferably light, like beige, colonial and white, or jeans, as well as with colored dyes, and why not, if you like it, with bermuda shorts.


Both in summer and in winter the right shoe for the blazer is a leather one with a moccasin-type sporty look, a monk strap, or a laced brogue or derby type. If you are a casual type, you can even dare a good pair of canvas Converse.