Eredi Pisanò has roots in one man’s desire to sell excellence but was founded on the concept of family. 


At a young age Victor Azra started working in producing and selling clothing. He was so interested in the workmanship that went into making a quality product that he learned the art of tailoring himself. That experience gave him the ability and knowledge to discern quality.


After years of working for others, Victor decided that his skills were best used in creating and selling his own garments. As a result, in 1972, he opened his first store in Rome, Italy. It was named “Victor” after himself to express the fact that every item in the store, bearing his name, came with his personal stamp of approval. 


Victor’s three sons grew up in and around the store. They were surrounded by the inner workings of the textile business and after years in this environment, they came to appreciate the art of crafting a high-quality garment themselves. Victor realized that his store was no longer a representation of just his own work and dedication to excellence, but that of his children as well. 


As a result, in 1982 he changed the store name to Eredi Pisanò. Eredi, meaning heirs, was to reflect the familial nature of the business and the fact that Victor’s sons would carry on his legacy, and Pisanò, the name of a close friend and past business partner, was to give credit to someone who had helped him along the way. With a name now representing family, Victor’s store became much more than just his legacy, it became a tradition, a family tradition, of quality and pride in only the best and finest, it became Eredi Pisanò.