1973: Birth


In the early 1970’s the founder Victor Pisanò opens first boutique in the center of Rome.
The experience and the knowledge he had gained in fabric and yarns on his previews years would distinguish the quality and the product of the brand.
His expertise and attention to detail would mark the birth of Eredi Pisanò.


1982: Growth


In the wake of a national economic growth Eredi Pisanò starts expanding, and in rapid succession opens new stores in the most prestigious streets of Rome:
Via Borgognona, Via del Corso and Via Cola di Rienzo. Furthermore, the brand solidifies its presence in the Italian capital by opening stores in commercial centers and Malls. Success is based on a simple formula, such as the undisputed quality of the products being chosen, and the attention to detail that the brand is dedicated on providing its customers with.


2001: Arrival In New York


The beginning of the new millennium finds Eredi Pisanò affirmed into the Italian fashion arena and with the ambition of conquering the international market.
It is with this ambition in mind that the first Eredi Pisanò boutique was launched on the other side of the Atlantic and into the prestigious streets of Madison Avenue, New York in 2001. The opening is followed by success, and an immediate customer base is formed among the New Yorkers who are always keen on embracing
“Made in Italy” products. Eredi Pisano’s attention to detail, fabric quality, and modern athletic cut, prove to be the winning formula in a market that strives on excellence.


2006: Outlets


As the new age of commerce descends on the Italian markets, Eredi Pisanò starts adapting to new retail marketing concepts such as “The Outlet”.
An exclusive boutique that allows customers to purchase prestigious brands at an extremely affordable price.
The concept is quickly embraced by the brand and the Castel Romano (Rome) outlet is soon opened, followed by Barberino del Mugello (Florence).
The initial success of the two outlets has recently allowed the brand  to expand in other national markets such as the Adriatic coast (Emilia Romagna)
and Triveneto ( Veneto, Trentino, Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia).


2012: Web


Eredi Pisanò is presently looking at the future with renewed optimism of growth. The brand is focusing mainly on distributing the product through digital media in order to solidify its relationship with the clientele, always attentive to the evolution of “Made in Italy” fashion.


2015: The launch of the online store


In order to strengthen its growth in the digital field, Eredi Pisanò debuts in eCommerce launching  the first online store. Ranging from clothing and accessories to the made-to-measure, the new website recreates the entire offer of the brand. The goal is to reinforce and expand the retail network with a particular focus on new markets .