Dress Shirt Collar: how to choose the right one

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Men's dress shirts are not all the same. Beyond choosing only natural and high quality fabrics such as two ply cotton for the classic shirt that you wear at the office, for example, or linen for casual occasions, depending on the moment you need to wear a dress shirt you must also be able to choose the neck that best suits you and the tie you like to wear. Let's see what are the most popular collars and what kind to choose to look always impeccable and dressed with style in every situation.


Button down collar for a casual look


It is the semi-open collar with the buttons that you can wear open with no tie or with tight ties. It is perfect for a sporty and casual look. The button-down was originally created to solve a practical problem in polo: to prevent the collar of the player's shirts from floating during the competitions.


Mandarin collar for a minimal trendy look

It's a very low neck about 1 inches, without tips, as it was typical of the past for nightgowns and tunics. The mandarin collar is very versatile and full of style, and gives a timeless, original, sporty and trendy charm to the man who wears it, plus making the male neck looking more slender. If made of  linen, this shirt should be worn alone on a pair of classic pants for a minimal look.


French collar for a classy look

It is also known as "Windsor collar," by the name of the Duke of Windsor who invented it, although in France the French neck it’s called "Italian."
The French has very open tips and it’s the formal perfect neck with double-breasted blazers, but it is not meant to be sporty and casual. And it's ideal for oblong faces and in general for thinner body types.


Italian collar to avoid mistakes


The most beloved and worn in Italy because it is versatile and suitable for all body types, the Italian neck is the tie neck by definition, especially with small knots. It is semi-open with straight ends.


Napoli collar for important knots


It is an open collar, because the ends are even more open than the Windsor one - or French collar - to enhance the tie, even those with the most important knots.


Capri collar (Bowling) for a versatile look


In this kind of shirts the neck stays on because the collar is made with just one piece of fabric. The Capri neck fits both a sporty look without the tie and a formal suit and tie.


Rome / Sorrento / Palermo collar for the most important tie knots


These are even more open collar versions of the Italian classic; rounded and perfect for with larger knots like the Windsor.


Winged collar/Diplomatic collar


It is the collar of the tuxedo and tailcoat dress shirts to use uniquely with hand-knotted black tie - a black silk bow tie for the tux - or white tie in the second case.