Creating a Bespoke Man Suit, the Ancient Art of Italian Artisan Tailoring

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To realize a bespoke man suit is an art that requires time. To complete a whole suit, starting from the paper pattern to the cut and the end of the stitching, it takes 65-70 hours of work.

Regarding tailor-made men’s fashion, to tailor a blazer it takes about 40 hours and other 20 for a pair of pants, while the other time is needed to realize the paper pattern.

Not uncommonly the tailor has to realize the vest too, so the hours raise up to 80, because a vest takes other 12 hours and more. To tailor a coat instead it takes at least 50 hours, from the cut to the finished creation.

Nevertheless, the handmade male garment remains unreachable and unique; rather than loosing its coolness, it becomes more beautiful year after year. Also, you won’t ever separate off from your tailor-made bespoke suit, espacially for his emotional story, which starts in the very moment you choose the tailor and then the fabric, till the fitting and the decisive moment when you try on the final suit.

The making of the bespoke suit, the one handcrafted by the tailor, is by far different from the industrial manufacturing, because it’s nearly only handmade and the sewing machine is just used to finish some stitching.

Follow us, in the next weeks we’ll look closely into some secrets of the tailoring tradition with a onetime tailor master, one of those hard these days…