Eredi Pisanò Pescara - Città Sant'Angelo Fashion Village

The tailor-made men’s suit in Pescara, finds in Eredi Pisanò an important point of reference. Eredi Pisanò’s suits have been present for a long time now in the city of Pescara; they are suits designed to keep a strong bond to classic elegance, designed for important occasions like gala dinners and ceremonies but also for the moments of everyday life, along with suits collections inspired by the latest men’s fashion trends, designed with casual and comfortable lines.

Eredi Pisanò has in fact a rich collection of classic elegant tailor-made men’s suits, double-breasted men’s suits, mismatched men’s suits with trendy slim fit blazers, realized with the best fabrics, by the Eredi Pisanò’s fashion designers.

The accuracy of the design, the attention in the choice of the best fabrics, along with the quality of the tailor-made clothes, makes of Eredi Pisanò the tailor-made men’s fashion point of reference in Pescara.

Not only suits however, but also a rich catalogue of items of clothing, such as fine shirts, made with the best fabrics, classic and elegant shirts, slim fit shirts, perfect to wear under the Eredi Pisanò’s suits, so a rich catalogue of vests and accessories like ties and bow-ties.

You can find the Eredi Pisanò Outlet Store at Città Sant’Angelo Village Outlet. In our store you will find the best customer assistance,  where a personal shopper will take care of your specific demands, trying on, and recommend you the best outfit to meet your needs.

How to reach us:

Eredi Pisano - Pescara, Città Sant’Angelo Fashion Village

Phone: +39 085 9614873


Via Moscarola Snc Città Sant’Angelo, Pescara, Italy


The Outlet is easy to reach by the main motorways - A24, A25, A14 - exit at Pescara Nord. Or by bus, that brings you right in front of the main entrance of the Village.