Casual Friday Outfit

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After a week at the office all dressed up in suit, shirt and tie, you can finally relax your dress code on Casual Friday.



Which means, especially in the summer, that you can leave at home jackets, ties and your formal elegance, but please remember not to leave behind the style, even if it’s Friday.



So you can choose a pair of suede moccasins instead of the classic brogues or, for a particularly sporty-chic look - along with jeans trousers, a good solid color t-shirt and a light cardigan with a zipper instead of a button front - you can also dare to wear a pair of sneakers.




But, on the shoe front, this should be the maximum limit permitted by the good dress sense to the Casual Friday outfit: you will put on your sandals and flip flops later on the beach or at the pool. As long as you work in a office, doesn’t matter how many degrees the thermometer marks, or if your company looks onto the seaside, unless you are the lifeguard, you must always wear closed toe shoes.



The sleeves should be always long, but a good polo shirt in season’s trend colors on a pair of chinos or denim trousers along with a belt and a moccasin is anyway recommended, also with a colorful pashmina.



Speaking of long sleeves, a light knitted sweater can replace the classic white or blue shirt, but regarding the Casual Friday outfit you can dare also Gingham patterned shirts or with marked stripes and also in bright solid colors.   




In wider terms, you can create many different casual day outfits choosing to keep just one formal garment for your look, and matching it with more relaxed and sporty accessories and garments, but no one of these should ever be a tracksuit. Just to avoid any Paulie Gualtieri effect.