The Business Casual Style for Men

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Sometimes you don’t have the need, or will, to show off yourself totally dappered in a suit at the office, and you don’t really have to wait for casual-friday to flaunt a more relaxed outfit.


Speaking of dress code, the business casual one doesn’t have strict rules, but it means no suits and no jeans.


So there is a wide range of dress choices, which can confuse things about the outfit to wear - also depending on your business casual dress code at the office - for the fear to make a mistake in the matching.


The only rules to follow are the common sense and in any case the observance of a certain class, also because it’s not a news that the look you show off at the workplace is fundamental for your image. The perfect business casual look is the one which matches with different garments, such as a blazer to a pair of chinos, or khaki, for instance.


You can choose a dress shirt with no tie, or if you prefer with a bow-tie or a tubular silk knit tie, and paired it with monk straps, derbies, loafers or Chelsea boots.


In case of  an important business meeting you can opt for a more executive casual style: just remember you’ll have to use a tie and a pair of derby instead of the loafers.


In winter you can also wear a cashmere V neck pullover over the dress shirt and as outerwear is perfect a sporty raincoat or a mid- length parka. In summer, a polo shirt or a sporty dress shirt under a blazer is perfect, and possibly a trench or a light jacket at the star of the season, with optional tie. This look, just like the others with a more flexible dress code, must be always fitted to the business occasions that turn up from time to time.