Beard in Summer: how to keep it in perfect order

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Beard is fashionable, beard adds charm and enhances the male face, and it’s difficult to find men or boys who have not been tempted to make it grow at least once in the last years, even among those who had never appreciated it before. It is definitely an elegant touch, which reminds of other ages, but that has deeply marked the contemporary look not showing signs of going out of fashion. It should be said, however, that the beard is also a greater commitment to everyday routines, that in summer season requires some additional adjunct in terms of cleaning and care.



With the heat and moisture of summer temperatures the thick beard - the most fashionable one now - can be responsible of some discomfort also to less sensitive skin, as itch and rushes. Giving more care to your face is so essential to avoid inflammation and beauty problems. A trimmed before summer vacation is always a good idea, especially if your destination is the beach, where among sun, sand and salt the risk is to end up with a ruined dry beard.



A rule that always applies is - more so in the summer - to wash your beard every morning with a specific cleanser - different form the one you use for your face - based on vitamins and glycerin for a deep cleansing  and to keep the beard soft and shiny. It is then necessary to set aside the oil or butter which you usually use in winter and replace it with a light fresh fruity oil which still guarantees more protection during sea or pool baths. 


The beard, like the skin, needs to be immediately rinsed with water after every bath at sea, then soaped and re-hydrated with specific products, so you do not miss all the day-to-day work you’ve been devoted to!


As you can see it takes just a little to keep your beard in perfect order also in warm summer!