Double-Breasted Blazer: When and How to Wear it This Summer

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Traditionally, the double-breasted blazer recalls in collective imagination - for those who were there - the Milanese grandeur era of the 80’s: that one of bankers, tycoons, investment brokers and yuppies with an impressive showy style, celebrated by fashion and movies of the time. This Summer the double-breasted blazer comes back as essential jacket in every gentleman’s wardrobe, also in young fashion, because it’s perfect in every occasion also with jeans for a very stylish look.



Dinners, cocktails, important appointments: how to wear the double-breasted blazer in formal occasions this Summer



Classic pants or a pair of chinos in cool natural fabrics, as cotton and linen, are perfect to wear under the blazer at dinners, cocktails or occasions where elegance is requested, in neutral colors as gray and beige which are the excellent match to looking impeccable with a blue or black double-breasted jacket. In these occasions it is correct to wear a pair of loafers or lace-ups, blue or black depending on the blazer’s color, but also spectator shoes are fine.


A white dress-shirt, with or without necktie, completes the look. If the blazer is gray or in a pale color, then it’s better to wear dark pants. A pocket-square is optional: in dark shades to recall the color of the pants if the blazer is bright,  white or neutral if the blazer is blue or black. 



The double-breasted blazer also in free-time: how to match



Since the 80’s the way of wearing the double-breasted blazer has evolved and refreshed and it has become a very versatile jacket. Its line is thinner and as for other types of jackets it’s tight-fitting. If the occasion doesn’t requests a formal elegance, your double-breasted blazer is amazing also with a pair of slim-fit jeans, derby shoes, loafers or ankle boots - perfect also in brown - and an open dress shirt. If you are gonna wear it with a light sweater under, you can let your blazer unbuttoned, especially if weather is particularly hot.