Expensive but Outdated? Men's Suit Alteration

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How many times opening your closet suits you have not worn for years crop up - and for some reasons you still keep them? 


Maybe they are beautiful men’s suits, designer suits you bought for a very special occasion that will not happen easily to you again, very expensive clothing, by famous stylists and made with exquisite fabrics, or even eccentric garments - not really an everyday thing. All suits you no longer wear anymore.


Because they are out of fashion, because you lost a lot of weight and they don’t fit you perfectly anymore, or you’ve put on weight and you are no longer able to button your pants or jackets. Whatever the reason you are keeping these suits, surely they still mean something to you, even if you don’t want or can’t wear them anymore.


If you have already followed our advices on decluttering or our guide to men's wardrobe essentials, this shouldn’t be a problem of yours. But if in your closet you still keep fine clothing made with the best fabrics but with a dated cut - or too large or too tight - you should better alter them. To take in the waist or the leg of your pants, to alter the cut of blazers or coats to let out or take them in: all this requires hard work and great sartorial/manual skills you must put in the hands of a trusted tailor.


Remember that it’s harder to alter an old suit than making a brand new: the tailor must start over, remove the sleeves, unstitch sides and shoulders. And it’s not just a question of having a good eye. The right tailor to entrust your precious suits to is the one who knows how to do his job with precision and creativity by experience.


A well made jacket alteration is a matter of pinpoint accuracy: the skilled tailor pays attention to perpendicularity, which means the way the suit falls perfectly into place, and also prevent from the unaesthetic little bulge that take shape on the back of the jacket, just below the neck, by cutting away with mastery the fabric excess.

So, to alter your old suit you must inevitably entrust it to a skilled tailor that will put time, patience and talent in order to return to you a flawless wearability and a renovated beauty.