Out of Fashion, Vintage & Classics: guide to men's wardrobe essentials

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Understanding the difference between the essential clothes of every man’s remarkable closet and those to get rid of definitively, allows you to have a functional wardrobe and to save time whenever you have to choose the perfect outfit. 


It’s not easy. Given that fashion is recurrent and everything sooner or later makes a comeback, many times you end up collecting tons of clothes simply because “you never know”. So maybe, that colored sweater that lies in the last drawer for ten years could come back in fashion, why should I throw it away?


Let’s make some specific distinctions. In the design field in general there are well done objects that will never go out of fashion, and that will ever be object of universal desire. A brilliant design is always fashionable for its uniqueness and harmony: think about the space age furniture of the 70’s, so sought-after and expensive today, or a Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic of the 30’s and its exorbitant price. In the same way, an awful design keeps unchanged its ugliness over time. It’s improbable that a new model of the Fiat Duna will come back in fashion, as an unfortunate example.


So, there are clothes, even though old enough to be considered vintage, that are not likable to wear today same as yesterday, to be precise: let’s think about the men’s jacket of the 80’s, with those exaggerate shoulder pads, and without a fine hip cut able to enhance the male body. Definitely, today you don’t want to wear that kind of jacket, but let’s suppose it is made with a very beautiful fabric: you have two options. You can give it away or take it for a make over to a trusted tailor, because it’s a really complicated work, as well as expensive.


Instead, there are clothes that keep unchanged their beauty over time because they are the classic models of male elegance. They have sartorial style and represent the essentials of every man’s wardrobe. Certainly you already have them. If not, these are the wardrobe essentials every gentleman should own.



Men's wardrobe essentials 



  • Leather Jacket



Leather jacket dates back to the early 1900s at the time of the First World War as part of pilots’s military uniforms. In the 50’s, it became the symbol of the rebel culture thanks to Marlon Brando and James Dean.

Now it’s a super versatile jacket which in its infinite models can suit many occasions, form sporty to casual-chic in every season: quilted for winter and with a light lining for all the other seasons.



  • Double-breasted blazer



Also the double-breasted blazer has military origins and it’s the elegant jacket par excellence, to sport on important occasions but also with ease on a pair of jeans for a refined look.



  • Trench


Born as a trench coat during the wartime, in blue and especially in beige color is one of the must have of the male elegance in mid-season.



  • Camel overcoat



This great classic of the day attire knows how to give class and charm also to the younger generation, and it’s a must of the classy wardrobe.



  • Cloak



The black wool cloak, hooded or not, tied right under the chin, to wear throwing one edge on the shoulder, has the elegant taste of the past and gives an ancient and romantic appeal. This fascinating overcoat has made a big comeback also among the youngers that care for a perfect formal elegance, especially on important evening occasions. The cloak is in fact perfect over a tuxedo



  • Bomber jacket


Born as military jacket for the air force pilots, the leather bomber - or in semi-gloss satin - it’s a classic of the sporty look, ideal for a pair of jeans or a tracksuit.



  • Caban or Peacoat



The sailor blazer is back in fashion. It has a great allure and its style recalls the great adventures of the sea, as those of the famous comics pirate Corto Maltese, who made the caban his uniform. Unforgettable is the one worn by Robert Redford in the movie “Three Days of the Condor”.



  • Safari jacket


So loved by Ernest Hemingway, the safari jacket was born together with the English colonialism and it’s practical and elegant at the same time, in its color beige or kaki, with waist belt and four or more bellows pockets.