Spring Wardrobe Transition: Tips to Winter Clothing Care

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Spring is in the air and it’s almost time for wardrobe transition to make room for the clothes that will go along with you during good weather, and to get rid for a while of sweaters, coats, suits and winter accessories. And in the end, these are the clothes you will wear again, so they deserve to be put away with care not to find unpleasant surprises the next winter. Because a functional wardrobe and a perfect look start way before shopping, and in few moves you’ll be able to keep your favorite winter clothes in good shape, as cashmere cardigans and other suits and wool accessories. 




1. Spring-clean your closet



Before proceeding to wardrobe transition, empty it out and clean up to remove dust and mites. There are excellent specific products for cleaning the inside of closet and drawers, made with natural ingredients that clean up and protect at the same time - besides anti-mite spray made with geranium essence to prevent respiratory allergies - you can directly use also on clothes and furniture.


After cleaning you should complete the protection of your clothes by putting inside the wardrobe specific products in the form of little bags, slip of papers or fresheners that give off nice perfumes and at the same time protect from mites and other insects. Among the best products for the care of closet and wool clothes are those of Orphea’s line - having pleasant and delicate scents and a formula rich in flowers and plants extracts to naturally protect your wool garments - and the closet/walk-in closet Myrobe fresheners by Nuncas Perfumes, of elegant fragrances created by expert perfumers. 



2. Check and clean your winter clothes before putting them away



A check-up of your winter wardrobe is essential not only to restart the new season in order, but also to verify which clothes suit you or not. Check if your winter clothing is in good condition, or if it shows stains, seam or lining rips, or little holes possible to be mended, especially in case of clothes that are worthy to be saved. 

It’s better not to wait and take them to your tailor or to a dry cleaner to fix and remove stains. Check also that all your clothes are perfectly cleaned. When in doubt, always wash them not to find an unpleasant smell the next winter when you have to reopen the clothes bags.


In case of jackets and coats which are clean but affected by smoke or food smell, it’s better to avoid home remedies like letting clothes outside to get some air: the result would be worst, because smog and humidity are bitter enemies of wool and delicate fabrics. The best choice is to use a refreshing spray for jackets and fabrics like the Nuncas, which is able to completely remove bad smells making them evaporate from fibers, plus leaving a fresh scent. This solution is excellent also for coats let closed in the wardrobe for a long time.



3. Take care of your cashmere



Cashmere or pure new wool clothes deserve a special attention, because they are very easy to get matted and shrink: before putting your cashmere away it’s better to reward it with a beauty care using a specific product as Sfeltro by Nuncas, to get back elasticity and softness, to eliminate those unaesthetic lints and even gain back a size. Actually, you should do this type of “maintenance” of your precious clothes not only on the occasion of wardrobe transition but with perseverance, in order to preserve untouched the beauty of cashmere and pure new wool.



4. Keep your winter clothes from moths & mites 



Also, before putting away jackets and clothes, you should brush them with a soft clothes brush to remove dust and hair - especially if you suffer from allergies - given that they are among the favorite food of mites!


Then, if you are going to put away sweaters, cardigans, blazers and coats into boxes or different places from your closet, you have to package them before in specific reclosable clothes bags: some of this plastic bags are already scented and include moth-killer treatment. Otherwise, you have to put inside the bags one or two protective slip of protective papers, or spray your clothes with moth-killing fluid. If your closet is too small to keep everything, you can use vacuum seal storage bag for clothes and save a lot of space.  


Instead, if you have a four season wardrobe system or a walk-in closet, you can avoid bag clothes, but anyway you have to put some protection inside, as well as spray your heavy clothes with specific moth-kill fluids. Just remember that the active ingredients of this products have a three-months efficacy, so you’ll have to repeat the procedure at regular intervals to be sure your clothes are perfectly protected.



5. Forgot something?



Last but not least, a tip to always have a perfumed closet is to check also your gym bag or backpack: often they are in fact the prime suspects of bad smell, because inside them you can forget inadvertently wet hand towels, t-shirts or socks. You can easily remedy reusing the small packets of silica gel you usually find for instance inside the box of brand new shoes - excellent to absorb moisture - or using a specific deodorant like the Sportswear DeoBag by Nuncas.