Grooming: Tips for the Shaving Brush

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We can imagine the face of a man, such as that of a woman, as a canvas ready to be painted: a good result depends not only on products used but also on the right brush. Even the male skin is a delicate zone, prone to irritations, that you can prevent paying attention during shaving. And if the razor is the one that can cause little cuts on the face, the shaving brush with rough hair - or not perfectly cleaned - can irritate your skin and put it at risk for persistent reddening and, to more sensitive skin, can also bring to broken capillaries. To find the time for grooming, that is the little daily attentions to take care of your hands, beard and hairs, is an act of love for yourself, pleasant and relaxing, provided that you choose accurately and take care of the instruments you use.


What kind of shaving brush is the best for you?


Every skin type is different and it’s not easy to find immediately the perfect shaving brush for an optimal shaving experience.The purpose of the brush is indeed to prepare the skin to the action of the razor, while you are spreading the shaving cream. There are different types of bristles you can choose: horsehair, pig, badger and synthetic. The quality of smoothness depends on the type of bristles: horsehair and silvertip badger massage the skin more gently, and are more expensive, while the pig hair tends to soften after a while you use it, and its bristles break up easily in the course of time because they’re not as waterproof as the badgers are. Frankly, to save on a shaving brush is not a good deal for your skin.


Some types of brushes are aesthetically more pleasant than others to see, they have painted or inlaid handles, or they are sold together with the soap bowl and the brush support: price increases consequently. With no doubts, the shave brush in silvertip badger bristles is the top for smoothness and long life and, as for all the kind of brushes, it must be left in warm water before its first use, in order to soften it. After every use it must be rinsed accurately to eliminate the residual soap and to prevent limescale, and possibly dried off and let on its support. In this way you’ll keep your shave brush hygienic and long lasting.