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Written by Simonetta Zamperlini, Men’s Style Coach and Blogger at “Camicia & Cravatta”, the italian blog about men’s fashion trends and style advice, “Mix and Match with no Effort: Step By Step Handbook to Create Everyday Outfits that Actually Works" is a Kindle e-book than can be very helpful in every occasion, a special one or an everyday thing, in which a man has to choose how to match colors and outfit.


Because this doesn’t just happen to women only, when they think they have nothing to wear, maybe muttering in front of a wardrobe full to bursting with dresses and thousand of possible combinations. Here’s the same issue: how to match the suits you already have for a specific date or for an important business meeting? But also, just to simple match with style and aesthetic sense of color your daily outfit, especially if you want to try trendy patterned garments instead of the usual comforting solid color ones.


This handbook can be a very useful instrument to help the man to get out of the labyrinth of his very wardrobe, to know the basis of the match with suits and colors, and to create perfect outfits by himself in order to find his own style, thanks to the simple and ironic eloquence of the handbook, also accompanied by many illustrations that ease the work of the future elegant man. 


So, there are many men’s style advices, that teaches how to dress elegant, casual or sporty, however in a suitable way for every specific, different social or working occasion.
From the match with colors to accessories to mix, such as socks, ties, shoes and pocket-squares, this handbook, written by a very careful professional woman, is easy and pleasant to read, giving the essential classy basis about men’s elegance which everybody shall appreciate in those who will apply her style’s advices. 


The handbook is downloadable for free on Amazon for the members of Kindle Unlimited.

Enjoy the reading!