Men Suits 2016: mismatched is the Summer trend!

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Speaking of trends in the world of elegant suits is always a bit difficult, being it an apparel that makes of its classical nature one of its fundamental features, after all being particularly original on this men’s apparel segment it’s a little hard, but not for this reason there is a lack of innovation, new trends and ways to reread the elegant man’s suit, being it a tuxedo, an evening dress or a business suit, maybe with more casual tendencies.

Therefore let’s see the latest interpretations and newness presented for this 2016 Summer, in the first place this years fashion trends plays with new colors together with new type of fabrics, so pastel colors above all, and a mix of natural fabrics such as linen with synthetic ones. Another way that marks out this 2016 Summer trend in men’s suits is the mismatched one, that is the choice of two different colors between the jacket and the pants, a mismatched that however remains on the same color but choosing different shades or different fabrics to create a chromatic movement that never results extreme.

So we can find an ocean blue jacket and a night blue pants, maybe with a a light pattern weave in one of those, with a clear shirt in white or light azure, without the tie.

This is also the style of the 2016 Men’s Summer collection presented by the brands Canali and Hugo Boss.
Pal Zileri opted instead for burgundy shades, on grey pants and white or striped shirts, while keeping the choice of a mismatched suit in common with the other brands.

Dolce & Gabbana opted for something more classic, with black double-breasted jackets, white shirts and tie, black or dark gray pants, choosing the mismatched suit too. Hermès tried something more daring, with cotton pants in the shades of gray and ocher jackets, with a younger and carefree look.

As a counterpart is the british style of Burberry, even with a relaxed look, dark shades of brown and pants tight to the ankles, thin ties, bright shirts and again, mismatched suits in the same hue. More eccentric is the Valentino’s collection, that shows men’s suits with checkered pants in gray shades and straight line, daring a classic jacket yet two-coloured and with three buttons.

Concluding with Tommy Hilfiger which has presented suits with blue and red checkered jackets on turn-up white pants, and Giorgio Armani and his men’s suits collection where checkered jackets and ecru large pants really do stand out.  As seen, amongst many newness and different styles and color choices, we can say that the joining link of this 2016 Summer has been for sure the mismatched suit. 

Finally, let’s take a look at our 2016 Eredi Pisanò men’s suits Summer collection, made of mismatched suits in pastel colors and fresh fabrics, but also of more elegant double-breasted jackets, tuxedos… but instead of telling you about our collection, we prefer to address you at the lookbook gallery in our site. Enjoy!