Men’s shoes are no longer a simple accessory

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As for women’s shoes, which have never been an accessory at all, today also the male shoes have a leading role in a man’s outfit. Actually, along with the jacket, it’s one of the two distinguishing features that defines immediately the elegance or the sloppiness of an outfit.


Of course today it’s more acceptable not to follow the etiquette in order to run after the last trend, but good taste is the first rule to keep in mind when you have to match the shoe with the suit. 


Besides the good habit of keeping the shoes always clean, even if some brands launched on the market some done on purpose dirty-looking models, you should choose a black shoe to match with an elegant suit, and brown or leather colored shoe for your casual outfit. However, never wear brown shoes in the evening.



And it seems to state the obvious but a gentleman should never put on sporty shoes along with an elegant suit, and this worths also on the reverse: for instance, a moccasin matched with a pair of joggers is something really bad to see, although the growing crossover between the active wear and the classic one.


 The design of the upper shoe and the sole makes the real difference in style and price too: one does not need the price tag to notice immediately the difference between a classy shoe and one that leaves a lot to be desired.


By choosing an Eredi Pisanò’s handcrafted shoes, you choose the class of an authentic 100% Made in Italy product, that will make you look always impeccable in every occasion.