The ceremony tie

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It’s summer! It’s wedding time!

Concerning the wedding guest outfits, there are few rules to follow, and one of these regards the tie and, if you like to wear it, also the pocket square.

So, which tie you should wear at a wedding?
Let’s start with the fabric, where there are no options: it must be always and only made in silk.

The color: if the guest is also the best man of the groom, the tie could be of the same color for both men, provided that the one of the groom it’s not white.
The guest can instead choose amongst different shades in solid color, such as all the tones of blue and the dark shades of red, like burgundy and reddish-purple.

Patterns are allowed but only if they are discreet, like thin stripes and little polka dot. It’s always preferable to wear a tie of a classic width, that is 3,15 inches, with a simple double knot.

And what about the pocket square?

Never match it with the tie! For instance, if the tie is blue with white stripes, the pocket square shall not be of the same pattern and colors, but you will choose just one of the two, either white or blue. In case of a solid color tie, then you can opt for a neutral shade to balance the entire outfit, trying different tones till you’ll find the subtle one for your pocket square.