How to choose the perfect business shirt

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A shirt tells us a lot about the man who wears it e in everyday’s outfit it plays an essential role, especially when it’s worn without a jacket.

So, which shirt is the best for your days at the office?

Surely, it’s necessary to start by choosing the right fabric, which must always be 100% natural. Of course you can play with colors, also to break up the classic white formal monotony, provided that you must stay in a range of soft colors.



Next comes the blue as recurring color inside the male’s wardrobe, also because it’s perfect to match with almost  every man complexion. But don’t forget all the pastel shades of yellow, pink, lilac, beige and soft green.


Clearly, the bigger the color’s depth is, the more the shirt is recommended for casual moments.  Regarding pattern fabrics, stripes are very recommended, but only if they are thin and close together.


Squares are instead preferable for casual moments, as the classic Vichy pattern for instance, even if it depends on color and size of the squares: sometimes they are perfect to match with a tie and a jacket, for a flawless result.