The perfect slim fit shirt for man

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A slim fit shirt is the perfect choice for the fashionable man, who likes a tight wear but also comfortable, able to enhance his body even when he’s not wearing a jacket.

But, how to choose the perfect slim fit shirt?
The most common error in this case, is to think that a good looking body is enough to perfectly wear this particular shirt. So wrong!
Of course, a beautiful body always helps, but there are two factors to consider before shopping.

Recommended both for a casual and an elegant outfit, a high-quality slim fit shirt it’s different from the others thank to its precise sartorial cut, able to perfectly fit the manly body.

So, the perfect fit on the body is due to a perfect cut - able to harmonize the man shape without squeezing it - and also due to a 100% natural fabric
In the market it’s easy to find so many slim fit models that have nothing to do with sartorial design, especially the ones that compensate for the complete lack of sartorial cut through the use of stretchy synthetic materials: the result is a too clingy, uncomfortable and awkward fit, not to mention the perspiration, put to the test by the contact with so low-quality materials.

By choosing an Eredi Pisanò shirt, you can find instead all the comfort and elegance of the pure Made in Italy sartorial style, and the warranty of 100% natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.