The Stylish Outfit in Red, White and Blue

Posted by simone 27/05/2019 0 Comment(s) Shopping,Lifestyle,Collection SS2019,

In men's fashion there are some stylish outfits based on classic colors, that never go out of date.They have style and a natural elegance if you know how to wear them together. Red, white and blue is one of the most fitting chromatic match ever for what regarding the real gentleman outfit. Especially in summer, these colors are perfect to brighten up your look after the dark shades of the winter. White chinos light up with the red of a summer blazer and thanks to accessories like the tie, while a light blue striped dress shirt balance the blue of the belt and a pair of loafer. A white panama hat with a blue ribbon and a pocket square in the same shades are details that complete this three-colored outfit mostly loved by the gentlemen during good weather.