Men's Dress Code for Weddings

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What to Wear to a Wedding?

Special events like weddings require an appropriate dress code, also for men, of course.

A distinguished gentleman, when invited as a wedding guest, knows his presence contributes to the ceremony.

And also the male guest is supposed not to upstage the groom, just like the woman guest towards the bride.

A dark suit, white shirt, pastel tie, and black laced shoes represent the correct attire for the wedding male guest, but before choosing your formal outfit, it's better you check the tenor of the invitation: it will clearly show if the ceremony will be formal or informal, therefore will be your look. In fact, invitations include information about the dress code.

If not, the look of the paper itself and the fonts are always the best clue to understand if you'll have to be dressed up or less formal.

Men's Summer Wedding Attire

Summer is the wedding season, but this doesn't mean you can show off gaudy colors like red, pink or yellow for your wedding guest suit, even if it is day ceremony.

Black, blue or dark gray are the colors. Period. Even if it's summer, you can choose a lightweight wool suit, specially designed for formal summer. And to elevate your outfit, choose a pocket square, the perfect accessory for a wedding.