Natural Fibers for Your Summer Business Outfits

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Hot summer days are coming, but still you have to keep up your business look at the office. So, how to combine style and freshness?

Althought working with your blazer on in summer is annoying, to be dressed in the proper way at work, also on muggy days, is as simple as elegance.

It doesn't matter if you prefer the formal business apparel or a more casual look with no tie and a casual shirt. The smartest choice for summer, in and out the office, starts from the selection of the fabrics the garments you'll wear in hot weather are made of.

Light, fresh, natural fibers, such as linen, cotton, silk or summery wool are the best choice to stay fresh also in hot days, because they have natural thermoregulator properties.

This means that artificial fabrics are to avoid, especially during summer, when the skin needs to breathe more, so to avoid allergies or contact dermatitis.

In fact, only natural fibers allow a perfect skin perspiration - which stays dry while sweat evaporates - not having plastic components inside.

So, keeping up a clean, simple style in a perfect business key also in summer is possible, just paying attention to the garment's fabric composition before buying them. This is an advantage, both for your look - nobody likes to see people dressed for the beach around the office, or worst, pouring sweat for being overdressed - both for your skin comfort and health.