5 Color Trends in Summer 2018 Men’s Fashion

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Color trends in summer 2018 men’s fashion straight from catwalks are 5: green, navy, all white, shades of blue and electric blue, but you should know that great classics like gray, neutral colors and brown are always fashionable.

Let’s see how to mix and match the new trendy colors according to Spring Summer 2018 Men’s Fashion.


Color Trend in Men’s Fashion for Summer 2018: Green


Green has always been an underrated shade but actually is not that difficult to match. This summer there will be so many shades of green to choose so that it will be easy to find the perfect one for you. For a sporty-chic outfit, blue and green together are perfect: think about an olive green shirt with a blue cotton suit, or a light green blazer with a pair of beige chinos, or even a total green suit with a white t-shirt and a pair of leather sandals. Sometimes, a summery green sweater is enough to look trendy, together with a pair of tailored brown pants.


Color Trend in Men’s Fashion for Summer 2018: White


White on white and new outfits with the classic non-color is the new trend for men’s fashion this summer. For instance, a white linen suit, with brown leather belts and shoes and a cream shirt is a big trend to follow. Ivory suits on a light blue dress shirt, white cargo pants, double-breasted blazers, cream cardigans… Well, check your wardrobe, maybe you’ll find some old but gold garments that are back in fashion this summer!


Color Trend in Men’s Fashion for Summer 2018: Blue


Of course, in men’s fashion the blue suit had never gone out of fashion, but this summer 2018 we will find it in many different shades, from electric blue to navy. New trends are a white t-shirt with a bluish suit whit coordinate vest and blue moccasin. A new stylish trend is also a classic blue suit with a coordinate tone-on-tone denim shirt and tie and, why not, a dark denim trench with a checked shirt and olive green pants.

Color Trend in Men’s Fashion for Summer 2018: Classic Colors


Trends aside, some great classics like the gray suit are still fashionable: in Prince of Wales fabric especially. Beige pants, with a blue cardigan and a white shirt are always very elegant. Black and brown will survive also in summer, too.

Of course, these are fashion trends. You have to consider first while choosing your new summer wardrobe, your taste, your skin tone and especially your personal style and the occasions.