How to Match Ties and Choose the Colors

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A tie is an important accessory, that improves and completes your look: it can add verve and color to a formal suit and makes more elegant the formal apparel. So, knowing how to match ties is essential to be well dressed. It's true that nowadays we are free to experiment so many different looks, both because there is plenty of tie models and because we became less rigorous in our outfit compared to the past.  But some advice is in any case useful to avoid too much motley and odd combinations. 


How to match ties with solid color dress shirts

Solid color dress shirts want classic ties, with little patterns, in a smooth or embroidered fabric. They can be tone on tone, in other words in a color similar to that of the shirt, or different colors, in contrast, to get a more original result, without exaggerating, of course!

For example, a light blue dress shirt can be wonderful with a floral patterned tie in blue or pink, or in wool or silk in gray shades. The perfect match for a floral patterned tie is a solid color dress shirt in light blue or pink. Also checked, polka dotted or variously patterned ties - like stylized little animals, cars or boats - are perfect with monochrome shirts, same as striped ties, in red shiny silk or black and white for the formal suits. Besides, if you have a very classic taste, you can, of course, wear a monochrome tie in the same shade of the shirt, maybe a softer or a darker tone in embroidered fabric, just to break up the monotony.
On a solid color dress shirt, a monochrome tie is ok even if different, maybe of the same color of the suit or pants you wear: a light colored striped shirt, for instance, is perfect with a gray suit and a brown tie.


The perfect tie with a white shirt

How to match a tie with a white dress shirt is a different situation: if you are wearing it with an informal apparel or with a mismatched, then a monochrome tie can be the solution, as well as a patterned one that reminds the colors of the blazer, or of the pants or even shoes.
If the white shirt is part of an elegant or an evening look, it’s different. With a black suit you will match a black silk tie, also a thin one is good; with a blue suit for the day, a pink, red, yellow, even a jacquard or little patterns mixed in white color; a soft colored checked suit on a white shirt is then perfect with an orange tie for a juvenile look.


How to match ties with the striped and checked dress shirts

How to match a tie with a striped shirt?

The easiest way is to choose a tie that recalls the color of the stripe: blue if with blue and white stripes, or pink if with pink and white stripes, but always paying attention to the color of the suit.
If you are wearing a pinstriped suit, you will match it with a patterned tie of the same color of the suit.
On a checked shirt in contrast colors, you will match a solid color tie in one of the colors of the checks. You can also dare a striped or patterned shirt in one of the shades of the tie.