Movember: Grow a Mo, Save a Bro!

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November is the mustache month, or better the Mo Bro month! Movember is the name of the worldwide event that takes place every November since 2003, where men let their mustache grow to rise the public awareness about some of the men’s diseases, like the prostate cancer, which is the second most common cancer in men all over the world - and the testicular cancer - doubled in the last 50 years - and which are responsible of men to die an average six years younger than women.


The November Foundation brings vital funding and attention to the hidden men’s health crisis, with more than 1.200 projects focused on saving and improving the lives of men all over the world. The Foundation brings together more than 350 world’s top researchers not previously seen before with the aim to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 2030. But not only.


Another big goal is to help men to share their problems and getting support when it’s needed - and suicide prevention. Statistics speak: each year, in the world, 510.000 men die from suicide. One every minute.


How to join Movember and make the difference?


Well, bot women and men can join, taking the Move Challenge, which means get together, host events and challenge yourself to get physically active having fun, while raising funds for the good cause of men’s health.

Men should grow their mustache and show the growth by posting updates of the mos on the Movember official site. They can so become influencer and spokesperson of the cause, talking about men’s health and creating a follower network ready to do the same. 

In conclusion, here’s another good reason to grow a mo, which, by the way, is back in fashion!

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