5 Must-Have Outerwear for Fall Winter 2016-17

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The classic beige trench, the blue and camel coats, the quilted jacket and the leather jacket: these are the basic outerwear for every men's winter wardrobe.


This Fall Winter 2016-17 men’s fashion season has been really influenced by the shapes and colors of the pure Brit-style. But beyond this trend, let’s see the must-have men’s outerwear of the season every gentleman absolutely needs in his wardrobe.


1.The Trench 

Rigorously in beige, in heavy cotton fabric, with a simple neat cut, in the right length - a span before your knee - is the perfect outerwear in this weather between fall and winter and the first rainfalls. 


2.The Blue Winter Coat 

Elegant and versatile, to wear both in the office and in glamour occasions, the short blue winter coat is a all-purpose-coat to always fit with nonchalance and it is a basic garment for every male wardrobe. In pure wool or cachemire or in a blend with silk, it’s a coat that allows to face the winter severity with extreme comfort and timeless style.


3.The Camelhair Coat 

It’s the must-have par excellence not only in the winter male outfit but also in the female one. It suits a timeless elegance because it’s the classic coat that will never go out of fashion. Usually it is worn by the day, but its eternal allure permits easy exception to the rules.


4. The Quilted Jacket

It comes in different colors and weights, and it’s perfect to keep your torso warm in casual occasions, especially if worn with a turtleneck sweater or a cardigan. Depending on color and padding, it’ a very versatile outerwear that can transform a sporty outfit in a very fine smart-casual look or highlight your sportswear, due to the occasion by which you choose to wear it. 


5. The Leather Jacket

Quilted, with knitted cuffs, is the perfect outerwear for a winter look to match with a pair of jeans, leather brogues, a button-front cardigan and a simple shirt. Maybe with the final touch of a pastel color pashmina to protect yourself from the cold with class and style.