4 Tips for Joyful Decluttering the Man's Closet

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Even if you have a huge walk-in closet or a four seasons, during wardrobe transition it’s quite normal to find yourself overflowed with clothes you have put away elsewhere, now you have to move again into the closet in order to find them right away whenever you need to. 


Not only: you must also take a decision about what to keep or maybe to throw or give away, as in case of worn-out clothes, out of fashion, too big or too tight to be worn again and that occupy space uselessly. A good decluttering helps you to organize the closet and to find immediately at a glance all you need for your daily outfit, with no waste of time looking for accessories to match with your suit while you are in a rush.




  • Declutter your closet to restart your life with energy and lightness



It might have happened to you not to find your favorite sweaters or ties anymore, looking for them uselessly everywhere and having no clue where you put them, thinking that maybe you lost them at the laundry or who knows where.


The next step is to go buying new item of clothing like the ones you already have, except that you will find the old ones as if by magic in some corners of your home.

In this case decluttering is mandatory for your well-being: a tidy and essential closet makes you save time and prevent from duplicates. Because decluttering means to make room, to put your home - and mind - in order. This procedure is properly considered an art of living, because the space around you is what makes you feel comfortable: clearing it from the unnecessary helps to better move yourself at home and also to leave things that mean nothing to you any more behind, which are part of your past - and not all memories are pleasant.


And freeing from things linked to negative emotions makes you turn the page, helps you to live a more active present and open yourself to future with enthusiasm and confidence, not only in regard to the closet but all your house, that often becomes a container of totally useless and psychologically heavy mementos.




  • Empty out your closet and choose what to keep and what to throw away


Emptying out your wardrobe is the first step to carefully select all its contents. At this point you have to decide which clothes and accessories to keep and which ones to throw away. Making a final decision can be hard. It’s way more easier to have a tendency to procrastinate the moment you let things go.




  • Make room for yourself, not for indecision!



Be resolute to set yourself free from useless things, don’t think about it too much. After all, essential clothes are a few, and not all you have inside your closet is really necessary. This exercise is useful to you also in the future, when you will be tempted again in buying clothes that reflect only fashion but not the style you are comfortable with. Pay attention, these are exactly the kind of clothes you wore only twice. Beautiful to see and bought just on impulse, but they never suited you.


And remember that  "one man's trash is another man's treasure.” So, you can surely throw away worn-out and irremediably stained clothes, because absolutely unwearable. In behalf of recycling and your level of green awareness, you can always reuse a damaged item of clothing, like a dress shirt or a t-shirt, as dust rags.


Otherwise, if the garment is still in good shape but for too long a time you are not wearing it, very likely this means different things: you don’t like it anymore, it’s out of fashion, too large or too tight, you are no longer able to match its color with others - or you have never been able to, because maybe it was a wrong gift not on the same wavelength as your style - or that is full of negative memories linked to situations and people you’d like to forget. For all these reasons, it’s wrong to keep these garments in your closet, especially hoping that sooner or later they’ll turn out to be useful.




  • Free yourself from clothes linked to the past



Because while to you old clothes are just an emotional baggage that stuck you in the past - ah, look at how skinny I was, how fat I was, this was a present from my ex, etc… - they could make someone else happy. Never throw your clothes away - unless they are very ruined - but give them instead to those in need, like people you know or to charities that collect secondhand clothing to give to the needy. In one fell swoop you rid your house of useless things, making them useful to others and doing a good deed, which also helps you to feel better. 

So, are you ready to make room to the new you, starting from your closet?